Assessment task 2: Linked Advertising Concepts

Ø Taking your key insight, (or establishing a better one) and advertising opportunity, based on Assessment 1,now build a Creative Brief, (see Moriarty et al. 2015, p. 250), that identifies your target audience with a USP/(WIIFM!)- a single minded differentiating consumer proposition.

Ø From this create 5 different ‘Big ideas’, that relate strongly to the USP, (addressing one for each of Maslow’s levels). These ideas will be A4 for print, and in rough form (semi-comprehensive layout). Now take the idea you consider to be your best standout idea, and render it in finished form in an integrated campaign for 1) print media and 2) Social or mobile media extension.

Ø The layouts will present in A4 document form with coversheet, contents and introduction with 250 words creative rationale for the chosen ad and social media extension. Remember to affix/attach your Creative Brief to the submission.








Assessment task 2: Linked Advertising Concepts

Task: Assessment 2. Students will determine their Consumer Proposition (USP) from their chosen target market and their key consumer insight discovery. Individually, students will use the theories taught in the subject, and from their interpretations of the primary consumer motivations, produce FIVE different campaign ideas appropriate to each level of Maslow’s hierarchy. Each idea must clearly demonstrate the relationship between their key insight, consumer proposition and the BIG IDEA, whilst addressing a Maslow level. Creative expositions will include appropriate headline and logo (and other mandatories where required) and will be rendered in layout form in A4 format, appropriate to the print medium. Student’s one ‘best’ standout idea, from the five different rough layouts then needs to be creatively executed in finished layout form, for two different visual channels to include 1) print and then an integrated exposition for, 2) a mobile or social media extension. The two integrated campaign ideas in finished layout form should be presented in A4 document format and be accompanied with an introduction and 250 word creative rationale.



  1. Relevance of theory and principles to the (big) idea generation-25%
  2. Originality and strength of idea-25%
  3. Suitability to the brand/product-20%
  4. Generativeness/adaptability/unity of the idea across multiple channels-20%
  5. Quality of documentation and advertising presentation-10%


  1. A Creative Brief-use the example provided within the textbook.
  2. 5 Creative Concepts based on Maslows hierarchy- these can be hand drawn, mocked up in powerpoint/photoshop or even laid out in a word document. These must be built off the creative brief
  3. One final concept professionally produced as a print ad and as a secondary digital execution. This can be in the form of a banner ad, social media ad, or if your really keen, an app idea or interactive solution
  4. A 250 word rationale for your final execution.










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