Assess the significance of the Great Depression on German History 1923- 1939’

Word limit: 2000 words, worth 27 % of IGCSE grade

The assessment objectives in this coursework are:

AO1: an ability to recall, select, organise and deploy knowledge of the syllabus content (15 marks)
AO2: an ability to construct historical explanations using an understanding of:
• cause and consequence, change and continuity, similarity and difference
• the motives, emotions, intentions and beliefs of people in the past

(40 marks)

Level    Marks    Description
5    36-40    • Candidates demonstrate and select and effectively deploy relevant and accurate contextual knowledge.
• Candidates select a wide range of relevant information which is well organised and deployed effectively.
• Candidates demonstrate excellent understanding of the significance of the key features, reasons, results or changes of societies, events, beliefs, people and situations studied with good awareness of the
importance of interrelationships and the broad context.
• Candidates consistently produce relevant, effective, convincing and well-supported arguments and judgements.
• Candidates produce conclusions that are entirely consistent with the rest of the answer and are effectively supported.

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