assess the impact of the Vietnam War on American fine art.

Different War: Vietnam in Art. Seattle: The Real Comet Press, Bellingham, Wash.:Whatcom Museum of History & Art,, will be beneficial. I will write to let you know what 3 artists I would like you to focus on.
So in the essay, how the vietnam war affected and made an impact on fine art in america at that time so must fit into that period criteria, the works by the 3 artists must be analysed in an aesthetic context plus social as well, the essay must focus solely on the essay title and not drift away from the initial subject, but i will send information of the 3 artists i will want discussed in 3 days, these artists’ works must create a clear argument and comparison as to how they were affected by the vietnam war.
i will also email you my notes as well.
Referencing Requirements:
50 references required, but necessarily from 70 different sources, but aim for primary sources and some secondary sources.
The reference should be in the style of foot-notes please.

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