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Article Summary and Evaluation

            The article to be summarized and analysed has the title, The Crummy First Draft, from the collection, Models Essays; A Portable Anthology. This was written by Aaron E. Jane, who is a teacher and an author by profession. The Crummy Draft is an article she wrote, which talks about the art of writing, and the processes involved in writing from the rough beginning to the end of it. Aaron, Jane writes this from her own point of view. Since she is a writer and author of various books, she writes this basing on her writing experiences. This article anyway, identifies the importance of a writer writing the crummy first draft.

In this article, Aaron emphasizes the importance of a draft for every writer; this she calls the “crummy draft.” A real writer should not dismiss the draft in their writing process. They should value the draft. In the draft, a writer should not limit their thoughts. Instead, they should write everything that comes to their mind at that specific time. No matter how a writer might feel about their draft being bad, they should still write and use it. This lays the foundation for their writing (Aaron 186).

Aaron discusses how as a writer, she felt about the writing process, and the draft. Even though she hated to write the draft, and sometimes thought her drafts were full of ridiculous ideas, she later learnt the importance of writing the draft. She generally explains the bad and good sides of being a writer. That she sometimes would want to give up writing, when she did not feel that she was doing good writings. The critics were another of her fears. These would criticize her every article she wrote and this had to put her on her toes. Quitting writing would mean she had lost her talent, therefore, she continued to write, to avoid negative sentiments from the public (Aaron 187).

Writing, as Aaron explains, is about dedication and commitment. She says that when starting to write, one should start with the crummy first draft. Focus and concentration is needed when writing this. She encourages one to listen only to the voices in their heads when writing the crummy draft. After the first draft, one may then perfect on it, to form a second draft, and then finally work on the second draft to produce final work. However, the author has emphasised that a writer should feel free to write anything that is on their mind, when they are writing the crummy draft. This is important because they will then use the crummy draft to build on their writing; therefore, the crummy draft is important in writing (Aaron 188-189).

As a student of English, it is appropriate for me to evaluate this article, because it discusses writing, which I learn in English course. It is an informative article, and I enjoyed it. The author used the narration style of writing, making this interesting. The information is of high quality and credible, as the author talks about her experiences. Because Aaron is an author, and has successfully published different novels, this information can be trusted and applied. However, the author has used complex English, which is quite hard for other non-native speakers to understand easily. The vocabulary use in the article is on a higher level. The author therefore, should use simple or average vocabulary, which people who are not native speakers can understand, without difficulties. This article can be useful to new person who wants to become a future writer. In addition, a person who is a writer can also benefit from this. For a new writer, they will learn to write their crummy draft. Writers will also learn to write crummy draft, and those who do not write drafts will learn to start writing one.


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