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This unit you have been exploring the relationship between individual stress in police officers and how the way police departments are organized contribute to this stress. In order to complete this Assignment please be sure you have listened to the podcast from an interview that took place on the National Public Radio show “This American Life” between host Ira Glass, Graham Rayman — a reporter for the New York Village Voice – and Adrian Schoolcraft, a former police officer of the New York Police Department.

**Based on your readings this week compose a paper that identifies some of the organizational stressors Schoolcraft documented in his recordings that patrol officers must deal with on a day to day basis. Please also address the organizational and societal stressors that were placed on Schoolcraft’s supervisors that may have caused them to ask those in there command to do things they should not have. Finally do you believe that large police departments can be managed using a different model than the top-down approach?
**Listen to a podcast from This American Life in preparation for your Research Assignment. Chicago Public Media. (2010). Right to Remain Silent. This American Life. Retrieved from

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