Aristotle’s ideas about logos, ethos, and pathos

In business writing, you want to focus on the evidence of an argument (logos), and you can show your credibility (ethos) by presenting the facts accurately. Additionally, you can introduce the emotions of your argument (pathos) by explaining how the situation will impact a group of people, yet you don’t want to exaggerate your “passions” about the topic. Stick to the facts, but explain how your complaint could impact a group of people of which you belong. View the three videos below (approximately fifteen minutes in total) to better understand Aristotle’s ideas about logos, ethos, and pathos. If you do a Google search for <> you will find other helpful guides. You will need to discern how the writing presented in these videos does or does not follow the writing criteria of the course. See course syallbus (They often use passive voice that this course doesn’t allow.) Ethos Pathos Logos with Direct Quotes from Aristotle’s Rhetoric An Introduction to Ethos, Logos and Pathos Business Email Writing Tips: Use the Appropriate Tone of Voice

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