Argumentative Essay on any topic that will fulfill requirements on instructions

Annotated bibliography
Use the strategies outlined in Chapter 11 of From Inquiry to Academic Writing (pages 299-300)
and from the “Research Matters” and “Documenting Sources: MLA Style” sections of Writing
Matters (pages 200-206 and 288-346) to write an annotated bibliography of your Essay 3 sources.
Your annotated bibliography should have ten entries, and two of the entries should be texts
from the course. The other entries are the articles, books, or online sources you have found through
the research process. Each entry includes the correct MLA works cited page citation for the source,
and a 50-100 word annotation that summarizes the source and explains why it will help you make
your argument in Essay 3. The entries must be listed in alphabetical order.
Assessment 4 must be prepared according to MLA guidelines, using 12-point Times New
Roman or equivalent type. Be sure to include a documentation statement.

The book referenced for atleast two articles is From Inquiry to Academic Writing A Text and Reader and will be uploaded for your reference.

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