Are political parties important to effective governance? Why?

topic: Are political parties important to effective governance? Why?

Length: 500-750 words (two to three double-spaced pages)

Instructions: The annotated bibliography is a library research assignment. This is the first step in writing a major research paper such as the one you will write for assignment three

Select no fewer than five and no more than seven academic, refereed scholarly works that broadly relate to the topic of their research essay. A refereed or peer reviewed publication is one that has been blind reviewed�that is, the reviewers do not know who wrote the proposed publication, and the author of the publication does not know who has reviewed their work�by at least two qualified peer reviewers. Using most search engines is not an acceptable method of research. However, almost all library books and journal articles found in university databases have been peer reviewed and are, therefore, acceptable academic works on which to base your research. If you have any doubts about what has and has not been peer reviewed, contact your tutor.

Begin the assignment with a brief paragraph (three to five sentences) explaining your response to the question selected. Whatever question you choose to examine, clearly explain your position on the question in the first paragraph of the assignment. This is essentially a statement of thesis upon which you will build your research essay (Assignment 3). Note that this thesis statement must be fairly specific. For instance, if you selected question 2 on political parties, it is not sufficient to say that you are going to examine the role of political parties in governance. We ask you whether political are important to effective governance, and WHY. Accordingly, we want to see an answer to this question, not simply a restatement of the topic question. Then, provide a pr�cis, or summary, of each work cited. These summaries should be a single paragraph, consisting of 3 to 6 sentences or about 60 to 80 words in total. They should succinctly describe the work�s (a) thesis, (b) evidence that develops or proves the thesis, and (c) the relevance of the chosen article to the thesis of your own research essay. Your annotated bibliography must be submitted, marked, and returned prior to submitting your major research paper (assignment 3).

For the purposes of this assignment, a �scholarly work� consists of a peer reviewed book or an article published in a peer reviewed scholarly journal. Before preparing the annotated bibliography, consult the political science research and writing guide:

Pay special attention to the library tutorial on using Google Scholar:

Google Scholar is a particular feature of the Google search engine. If you follow the instructions and configure Google Scholar for the Athabasca University Library, it will link directly to articles in the University�s journal databases when you perform a search. If you use it properly in conjunction with our university databases, Google Scholar can save you considerable time. At no time should you use an Internet search engine other than Google Scholar for your assignments, unless your tutor gives you express consent to do so.

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