Application Letters

Prepare a resume that might include sections detailing (think about audience and purpose when deciding on which sections you should include):
Work experience
Military experience
Career objectives
Special skills
Professional memberships
Note:Appearance is at least as important as content. Use quality paper.
Errors and noticeable corrections are unacceptable
Your department may be able to advise you on specific guidelines that affect your profession
Even if you already have a working resume, use this opportunity to update and revise it. Your resume and letter should be handed in on quality resume paper.
LETTER OF APPLICATION: Prepare a letter of application as a cover letter for your resume. Find an advertisement or job notice which you feel qualified to respond to. Your letter should be targeted at a specific audience (i.e., written for the particular job you are applying for) and must be professional in form, content, and appearance. The letter will probably have four paragraphs:
State the purpose of the letter and source of the notice or advertisement to which you are responding
Discuss your education and work experience in the order of importance
Use some of the language from the job listing to describe you or your qualifications
Conclude the letter with an indication of your availability for interviews and how you can be contacted: phone number, E-mail address, etc.
Note: The letter must be error free and on quality paper
The letter must be one page long, with balanced and generous margins
You must refer to your resume in your letter
Use standard business letter formatting (see chapter 9 in Writing That Works)

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