Anxiety Disorder/ with Axis Scale

Write a MultiaxialDSM-IV-TR diagnosis for a patient with Anxiety Disorder and a suggestionfor appropriate treatment for him or her. More like a practice paper for being a Psychologist.12 pnt font, college level

Write a Multiaxial DSM-IV-TR diagnosis fora patient with Anxiety
Disorder and suggestappropriate treatment for him or her preferrably male. The case study with a full description of the
patients past and present state of being. Is the patient clean and neat?, Does he or she show peculiarities of posture
or movement?, How easily and appropriately does the patient interact with the interviewer?, Does the patient show
abnormalities of speech, such as making up words or reapeating the same word or phrase over and over?, Is the patient’s
mood excessively happy, sad, or somewhere in between?, Is it appropriate to what is being discussed?, Content of
thought: Does the patient dwell on a particular topic or topics, excluding others?, Is the patient delusional, or does
he show paranoid thinking?, Orientation, Memory and Learning, Attention and Concentration, and Information: Does the
patient know who and where he is and what time and date it is?, Does the patient pay attention to the interview?

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