anticoagulation safety in clinical practice

In introduction parts I need to add number of wards until 2500 with update articles from 2010 to 2014
In methodology part the study is case study design , retrospective incident reports from Cambridge university hospital with period time two years , in this part just I want to describe the methods that I used it to analyse the data up to 2000 wards
In result part , I have uploaded the DATA just check and edite. Also, I need more tables mainly in consequence and likelihood ( put it together in table with UK NPSA table Table 3 Risk scoring = consequence x likelihood ( C x L ) . also use , the graphs and tables to support the ideas.
In discussion part (Up to 5,000 words) , Explain and contextualise the data you have produced. Include suggestions for future work and recommendations. Discussed why the daltaparin has high no of incident reports , comparing with introduction . use UK NPSA 2007 report. Conclude with a short summary of the project.

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