Ancient Hunting Tools becoming Weapons

(Paper is a Cited Historical Research mock-up. This paper is intended to develop our critical thinking by analyzing and manipulating primary sources to our will. We must use the primary sources in context to support our opinion of the subject. You have free range in your opinions because I am known in the class for my open mindedness. History is not my strong point, but creative thought is. Context should sound educated with a positive beginning and a negative conclusion. That is the only boundary I can present because any tool which is abused is no longer a tool, but, in many ways, a crutch.)

3 Primary Sources.
Cited Page begins on a new page.

Introductory paragraph is 1 page long.
3 Evidence paragraphs about 1/2 page long each.
Conclusion paragraph about 1/2 page long.

I will need some time to touch up any citation (instructor specific)

I believe 3 pages total are adequate.

(Two major papers due in 3 weeks time is, outright, unfair.)

You guys are a career saver!

Thank you for your help with this assignment! (Simple to some, impossible for others)

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