Analyze the way in which Van Camp constructs a first nation culture that is both wounded from past wrongs and yet sets out to reclaim cultural practices that gesture towards hope

This paper should talk only about the story The Angel Wing Splash Patter by Richard Van Camp with no out side resources and this book has a lot of short stories the paper should only talk about two stories they are: Mermaids and the uranium leaking from port rayrock mines is killing…
This paper should have a clear and strong thesis statement .
How does Van Camp in his writing structure: plot, symbolism, description, how he describes the body, how he talks about children. How does he create an atmosphere of hope and despair at the same time.
please try not to summarize as much instead concentrate on 2-3 writing techniques and show how he does it in his writing. and I will email the pages from these two stories incase you can’t find them online and please can you make sure to finish th epaper on time in 8 hours it is urgent thank you

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