Analyze the problems and opportunities that the technology is aimed to address in this organization(s)/setting Critique any legal and/or regulatory concerns related to using technology in this organizations(s)/setting

Final Project: Health Information SystemsRecommendation for the Acquisition, Implementation, and Support of a Health Information System
PowerPoint Presentation: Health Information Technology to Address the Continuum of CareOnce choosing a scenario from the Learning Resources you will develop a PowerPoint presentation to provide an overview of how information technology will address issues in that organization(s)/setting. You understand that for such an expensive and complex recommendation, in-depth research must be conducted along with a high level leadership plan as to how you would recommend approaching the initiative along the Systems Development Lifecycle steps: 1) Acquire; 2) Plan for; 3) Implement; and 4) Support the technology solution.In a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, including extensive speaker notes and 56 peer reviewed references applied using APA Format:
Acquisition: Explain your recommended steps in the systematic evaluation and acquisition of the technology
SWOT summary
Vendor partner recommendations
Process to evaluate vendors
Planning: Develop a Project Charter for how you would plan for implementing this technology.
Scope of the project/program
Key stakeholders
Risks and mitigation plans
Financial justification
Change Management Strategy
Security and Privacy Plan
Data sharing, systems integration needs
Use of cost reducing emerging technology platforms
Support and sustainability:
Financial sustainment plan
End user technical support plan
Potential fit with emerging industry technologies
Briefly address any competitive advantage that this technology might provide for the selected organization(s)

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