Analyze the marketing strategy of the company you chose, take into consideration the 4Ps.

Assessment Criteria Submit a marketing plan for new product/service launch for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). Points to remember are the justification for identifying this specific product or service, target market, market segmentation, marketing mix, financial viability and communication strategy. Answering in a Report Format (Marketing Plan Format) 1. Executive Summary 2. Company and Product Description 3. Marketing Plan: the mission/vision and core competencies of that brand with emphasis on 4Ps. 5. Evaluation and Interpretation of the situation, explain if the current marketing plan is successful if yes how and failure, then the reason. and Control (for your new product) 6. Supporting information you may want to include (may be integrated within text, pictures or included as appendices): mock-ups of packaging/product, advertising, promotions, any helpful tables, charts, graphs, etc. 7. Summary and Conclusion *Attached Marketing Plan template as a guide MARKING CRITERIA Evidence of preparation, depth of research and analysis with academic references: 30% Demonstrated understanding and application of relevant concepts and methods: 30% Evidence of critical thinking and justification of techniques used: 30% Clarity, structure and professional presentation of the report, including references included throughout the assignment (not only in reference list):

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