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Post your journal responses in here. If you have a problem posting, or any other technical trouble, just let me know. Title your journal with the author’s name, please, and remember you can work ahead, but be prepared to discuss each story on the week we study it.

Every week we will have one assigned reading from the text. you will submit your response to Blackboard. Each response must include the following to be counted as complete, and each response must be complete to be awarded any points:

1. A paragraph-long (4-8 sentences) description of the plot – a blurb that explains A. the main characters, B. the setting C. the problem they face D. and what happens to them in the end;
2. Answer the question: “What is the emotional message of this story: what does it tell us about how humans respond to problems like this?”
3. Answer the question: “What is the philosophical message of this story: what do you think the writer believes about human relationships/ human nature/ society/ love/ death/ hope/ faith/ fear/ or a combination of those essentially human problems?”
4. Answer the question: “Is there a social problem (civil rights, sexism, environmentalism, depression, greed, class conflicts, etc.) behind this story?” Each journal should then summarize the story and answer those three questions to be counted. YES, YOU MAY WORK AHEAD.
Week 2 – Kate Chopin (121)

Week 3 – Ralph Ellison (127)

Week 4 – William Faulkner (146)

Week 5 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman (172)

Week 6 – Nathaniel Hawthorne (213)

Week 7 – Jack London (334)

Week 8 – Guy de Maupassant (345)

You can Find the book online
Make sure the storied are the same stories which listed on the order
7 pages , each story for each page
write the title of the story on every page

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