alorie Intake Final Submission

You will submit your work here in the CANVAS system as a Word 97-2003, .docx or other wordprocessing file. (Google Docs, Open Office are also acceptable If you are using iWorks, please convert to one of these file formats, as your instructor may not be able to view your document.) Your assignment MUST include the following: A table detailing the food you ate and your calorie intake for the course of 7 days. An example of how you can organize your information is below. A 1-2 double-spaced page reflection that includes: A ‘menu’ for one day that will include healthy, low-calorie meal options What you learned from this project A ‘menu’ for one day that will includes healthy, low-calorie meal options 3 Nutrition goals that you will set for yourself which will be easy to reach. For example, you can include a goal to substitute a Gala apple (71 calories) for a PowerBar (240 calories) and drink regular coffee with cream (41 calories) or water (0 calories) instead of a Frappuccino (390 calories). You would then have a total of 112 total snack calories if drinking coffee or 71 total snack calories if drinking water — a 518 calorie difference for coffee and a 559 difference for water.

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