ALHS 5322 Nutrition, Health and Disease

Assignment 6: Food Safety Concerns
General Description and Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the information presented in Chapter
Specific Assignment:
Answer the 5 questions below:
1. Foodborne illnesses can be very debilitating for an individual. Patients in what
might be considered higher risk groups such as infants, pregnant women, and
the elderly or individuals with chronic illnesses can be devastated and could die
from an infection by a bacterium, virus, or parasite that was a result of poor food
handling. Discuss your multidimensional food safety educational program for a
mother of an infant, a pregnant mom, and a caretaker for an elderly parent.
2. Discuss the concept of “Bioaccumulation of Toxins in the Food Chain.” What role
to you believes that you play as a future RD in helping to prevent the continued
growth in the bioaccumulation of toxins in the food chain?
3. Describe five environmental contaminants and/or pesticides that gain access to
our food supply and suggest alternatives to minimize the risk they pose.
4. Food additives are believed to provide benefits to our food supply and, as
indicated in Chapter 19, are regulated by the FDA to protect the food supply from
harmful practices. Discuss five types of food additives and the rationale for their
use in the food supply. Then provide your perspective on whether you believe
that food additives offer advantages overall to the food supply or have the
potential of causing more harm given the potential for human error and business
5. The human body is over 65% water. A changing climate appears to be resulting
in vast changes in our glaciers and important ice formations, causing scientists
real concerns about the changing temperatures on our planet and our water
resources. As noted in Chapter 19, contamination of water resources is a
concern and consumers have reacted to potential contamination of water with an
increased consumption of bottled water. However, as you are aware, bottled
water is often not the best choice both budget wise and with regard to local
minerals found in the soil that can be healthful. What are some steps that your
clients can take to increase their consumption of water instead of carbonated
beverages or other high-fructose corn syrup drinks? How might you educate
them or convince them that tap water is a better alternative to bottled water or
other options?
Possible Points:
This is one of the periodic assignments made throughout the course. The possible point
total for all of the periodic assignments is stated in the syllabus. The possible point total
each assignment, including this one, depends on the total number of assignments
given in the course. This assignment will be given a grade based on the following
90-100% – More than satisfactory.
80-89% – Satisfactory.
70-79% – Less than satisfactory.
60-69% – Very much less than satisfactory.
0% – Totally unsatisfactory.

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