Adverse Trend and Data

The flow chart in the appendix 1 provides a comprehensive analysis of the adverse trend and data management that could occur within my organization. In depth, the research would evaluate patients’ healthcare and whether it is provided in an accurate and professional manner. To gather facts and information about the management in hospital, this research would follow up various steps. First, the research would evaluate how healthcare providers administer medical care and whether or not patients receive adequate support that boosts their well-being. Second, the study would evaluate whether the care provided in the hospital aligns with the medical standards. Conducting this research would create a strong platform to understand the past and present management and further work hard to eliminate any activity, condition, or medical errors that would hinder quality healthcare.
Research Questions
It is a well-documented fact that, quality medical care is of essence in reducing high mortality rates that occur as a result of poor medication and services provided (Flores, Win & Susilo, 2010). With this in mind, this research would investigate various factors that hinder healthcare providers from administering quality healthcare. To fully gather facts and information, this research would answer the following questions; do patients receive quality care and what attributes to poor medical errors. I would investigate further areas in the hospital that require immediate intervention to achieve quality care.

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