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Accounting major- Audit

Accounting as an umbrella body encompasses various sub branches that a person that majors in accounting is able to pursue and specialize. These sub branches include managerial, consulting, tax, governmental accountancy and audit. All these sub branches are important and are related in one way or another. As an accounting major, I would like to be an auditor by engaging in duties that are in line with auditing.

The reasons behind my decision to pursue this line in accountancy are divergent.  The motivation to pursue this line of accountancy is to instill integrity and honesty in the operations of business. Many businesses are not upholding to business ethics but rather opting to fraudulent methods geared at falsifying their books of account to conceal important information. Such malpractices are not in the spirit of uplifting and fostering growth and development of the country.  If such business organizations are left unchecked such economic crimes and frauds may easily cripple the world economy. Audit will help me bring sanity in the way business transactions are done.   As an auditor, my duty will be to ensure that such crimes are not executed as they may bring negative repercussions to the performance of the economy at large. Many of the scandals that have be involved big companies have resulted from falsifying of companies books of account geared at concealing vital information on the actual position or performance of the business. A good example of such company is Enron. Therefore, to avoid such re-occurrence there is a need to put in place effective monitoring tools to ensure that such does not repeat again.

As an auditor I believe that I will assist in reducing fraud and its devastating effects that has come to be known as an economic global crisis that continues to cripple the world economy around the world. Business people and investors are losing hope in making investments in certain venture because of fear of perceived malpractices. By practicing audit, I have an objective and the will to restore their confidence when making their investment.

I also opted for this branch to help with establishing and testing of the internal controls of organizations/business to help prevent fraud. These internal controls such as intelligence policies, procedures and guidelines should be well practiced and followed to safeguard entities assets and fostering achievement of set goals.

Most managers may not posses enough knowledge and experience on the operations of internal controls. Therefore, my aim of coming into this field of auditing is to assist the managers in designing process, implementation and in maintaining of the internal control systems in the business. I am conversant with the field of auditing more compared to other fields.

One of the roles of an auditor is to carry out training programmes to the managers to acquaint them with the required skills and knowledge that can help in achieving the set objectives in their business operations. I find satisfaction by impacting new knowledge to my colleagues that can be of helpful in ensuring that malpractices are managed.  Businesses with weak internal controls suffer from unnecessary losses that fraudsters capitalize on to siphon money from them. Therefore, the audit field will help me to practice my auditing skills with passion and vigor.

The modern technology has opened room for more advanced methods of fraudsters. Most frauds are now practiced through the computer where by information is altered to reflect the balance that is not true. I can help in identifying these current or modern technology facilitated frauds. My wish is to bring new skills and knowledge in the field of auditing to curb and reduce the level of frauds that companies perpetrate.

By becoming an auditor, I will develop my competencies in the field of accountancy.  This will provide me with an opportunity to evaluate company’s financial information systems; their management procedures to ensure that proper /accurate records are kept. Companies need to comply with corporate policies and procedures and the government regulations.   Fraud cases can dwindle if all businesses remain complaisant with the required standards for operating a business. Specializing in the field of audit will therefore assist in helping the government in instituting good business practices that may help; in stimulating the number of investors through me. There are no investors that are willing to invest in a business of a company that does not guarantee safety custody of their resources.

Auditors have been always perceived to be the most corrupt people following a number of reported frauds and scandals that have been committed in the eyes of credible audit companies. This is unprofessionalism. Therefore, my joining audit is to help in changing the already formed perception by the public that auditors are part and parcel of the fraudsters since they participate in the process. Therefore, I do believe that I will be an agent of change by agitating or reforming the field of audit.

I am therefore compelled that audit is my field in accounting. I will get gratification and satisfaction by practicing it.  It will further provide me with the opportunity to raise my concerns and help change the perceptions of the public about auditing.

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