A Tale of Two Cities or Alls Quiet on the Western Front

Book Review Format Sheet-  You can also find a copy of this in your Handouts/MHL Reg. Guide Link
Your review needs to include an Opening Paragraph with a brief description (5-6 lines long) of the nature of this assignment telling me specifically what are your expectations going into reading and reviewing this book.  If you DO NOT do an Opening Paragraph at the start of your review I will subtract 3 points from your overall score.  You also need a Works Cited Page at the end of your review too.  If you DO NOT submit a Works Cited Page at the end of your review I will also subtract 3 points from your overall score.

Your review will then be graded on how you answer questions from the following categories: 1.) AUTHOR WRITING STYLE AND BOOK ORGANIZATION- 45 POINTS A. How interesting to read was this author’s writing style? B. How easy to understand was this author’s writing style? C. Describe how this book was generally structured, was it done in a straight topical ordering, a straight chronological ordering, or a combination of these two kinds of structures (topical/chronological ordering)? Next, did the way this book was generally structured help you its reader stay focused on the information presented in this book? 2.) AUTHOR POINT OF VIEW-60 POINTS A. Explain in full detail the main theme(s) of this book. B. Explain how well the author supported this book’s main theme(s). C. Outside of the main theme(s), give 2 (TWO) other opinions, any kind of noticeable AUTHOR likes or dislikes about the people, places & events of this book’s subject matter, the AUTHOR revealed in writing this book, however subtle they may or may not be to you the reader. You MUST give 2 examples here to earn FULL CREDIT for answering this question. D. Explain how well the author supported these (their) outside opinions. 3.) BOOK SUMMARY SECTION-45 POINTS A. Describe at least one good point and at least one bad point of this book. You MUST give at least one good and bad point to earn FULL CREDIT for this question. B. Tell me something you learned from reading this book. C. How appropriate was this book for this particular history class?
STUDENT WRITING STYLE AND REVIEW STRUCTURE EVALUATION- (How I will evaluate your reviews) Each individual question in Sections 1,2&3 is worth 15 POINTS APIECE.  This Instructor willEVALUATE your responses in Sections 1,2&3, the review’s MAIN BODY, using the following criteria: A. Fully Explained Answers (Content) B. Grammar, Sentence and Paragraph Structure C. TopicOrganization- the questions should be answered in the order they are asked, starting with question 1A and ending with question 3C.

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