a) summarize the assigned reading (~1-2 pages) b) identify clear evidence from the reading to demonstrate the specific historiographical approach*, “Empirical historiography”

A 3-page paper that summarizes and analyzes the assigned reading, “England Under the Tudors”. Within the 3 pages, include the following aspects: (~ page); and c) evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the particular historiographical methodology, “Empirical historiography” (~ page). ——————————- Empirical historiography: Empiricism as Method: 1.Rigorously examine and meticulously extract historical evidence: esp primary sources within government archives 2. Exercise impartiality to produce an account of the past as close to the evidence as possible. Tends to emphasize nation-state politics (grand narrative tradition) Emphasizes archival, govt docs (not chronicles) Takes an event-focused approach Tends to be inundated with facts [presented as factual, not interpretive] Tends to be written with a view from above [omniscient narration] with an objective tone Source (the reading) will be provided. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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