A Study into Agency Theory, and How It Explains the Relationship between Top Management and the Board of Directors.

Topic of the research paper

A Study into Agency Theory, and How It Explains the Relationship between Top Management and the Board of Directors.


The research paper MUST make reference to CORE TEXTBOOK

–           Organizational Theory, Design and Change, 6th Edition, Gareth, R, J, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing Co., 2010.


** Before actually start writing the assignment, it is necessary to send the outline to me for my professor advice and approval.



–          In addition to the required core textbook, 15 additional references from professional journals and books are required to produce the paper.

–          The research paper must adhere to the style and format requirements set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

–          The research paper must include a title page, headings and a bibliography. Footnotes are not needed.


The followings are important components of a research paper:

l   Introduction/scene setting

l   Aim/purpose

l   Body/Content

l   Research/Investigation

l   Conclusion

l   Recommendations

l   Language Proficiency

l   Visual/Aesthetics

l   Appendices, Bibliography/Glossary

A) Introduction/Scene Setting

As this forms the 1st impression of the students work the background information provided should be fully informative and relevant to justify the aim/purpose of the paper. It should set the pace for the reader regarding what is to follow. A good introduction/scene setting of the research paper shall include background/definition of the topic, importance and relevance of the title of the research paper.

Additionally this section should be interesting enough so as to catch the attention of your reader.


B) Aim/Purpose

The objectives of the research paper should be so well demonstrated that they leave no doubt in the mind of the reader as to the purpose of the chosen topic.

The reader should base his grades on how well the writer highlights the relevance of the topic and remains focused on the same.


C) Body/Content

This part of the assignment contains information regarding the paper in greater detail. To make it most effective the following areas would have to be addressed.

l   Arrangement/order of information

l   Logical interpretation of information

l   Accuracy of information

l   Clarity and value of information

l   Amount and conciseness of information


D) Research/Investigation

Fact finding is essential in order to render the work produced credible and convincing. In order to judge if the research carried out meets the demand, the areas to consider are as follows:

l   Originality

l   Reliability and Validity

l   Thoroughness

l   Analysis

l   Result


The point to consider would be that how much of the research has been the result of the writers’ own initiative as opposed to ‘borrowed’ material. How much effort and time has been taken to conduct the research paper.

Reliability and Validity

How dependable are the sources and outcome of the investigation and how logical/rational the study conducted has been with the research tools used.


Has every aspect been considered and duly investigated or has the problem been under-researched.


Has the writer properly analyzed and derived at proper themes out of the data collected?


Has the writer derived significant results out of the researched data appropriate to the aims and objectives of the assignment or not.


E) Conclusion

The final part of the research paper is just as vital as the start and it is here that all the loose ends are logically bound and presented, unanswered queries addressed and doubts removed, leaving no further ground for reasoning.


F) Recommendations/Applications

Based on the search results and conclusion derived the writer proposes at least five recommendations for implementation at work or daily life. The recommendations should be both relevant and feasible.


G) Language Proficiency

The use of English language in expressing the requirements of the paper should be done with the intelligent approach as to the choice of words and grammar for easy comprehensibility and at the same time spellings mistakes avoided.


H) Visual/Aesthetic

The cosmetic appearance of the whole report comprising all different elements to make it appear attractive, neat and intellectually appealing are also some of the features an examiner focuses on while grading. The different aspects an aesthetically well-written assignment should have would be:

l   Headings and Sub-Headings

l   Formatting and style comprised of:

n   Margins

n   Spacing

n   Pagination

n   Paragraph

n   Paragraph indentation

n   Justification of text


l   Tables and figures, including:

n   Placement of tables and figures

n   Numbering of tables

n   Numbering of figures

n   Tables and figures captions

n   Format of tables

n   Formats of figures

n   Pagination and margins

n   Spacing and alignment

n   Grids

n   Illustration

n   Neatness and order


I) Style and Format Requirements

Your research paper must adhere to the style and format requirements set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

These guidelines are hoped to benefit you to write a very professional research paper and according to a proper and fair break down of all segments as explained.

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