A myth of creation



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Myth Writing Assignment

A myth of creation

Once upon a time before the world that people of Ilgris in was, there existed someone above, which was a symbol of heavens and another below representing the earth. They were sister and brother. These were not the way as they are in the present, but represented another nature. The world below was dark without the moon, sun, and the stars. The brother (heaven) brought light to the sister. The sun was the light. The brother wanted to have the sister as his wife, but the sister declined and wanted her brother to leave her in peace. However, they later married, and their union brought the earth and the sand that produced stones and rocks. There later came shrubs and trees, and then grass and herbs followed and later came the animals. Ultimately, one was born called Duot, an animated being. Duot’s parents were immortals. Duot bore children, both females and males. These were not rational beings. Duot’s children were like their parents, who represented a species distinct from any that live on the earth in the present. Duot became the king of this first family. The descendants of Duot multiplied and then earth increased in size.

As the king grew old, the eldest vassals created a conspiracy to destroy him. They argued that Duot was too old to rule as he could not keep up with their needs and wants. There was a consultation held to establish the execution method. The method decided was poisoning. They put poison in his beverage. Duot fell sick and left his home in the mountain to the sea shore. When the mother learned of the son’s danger, she mixed an antidote in a large shell. Ayok, was attracted by the scent of the fermenting antidote, and Duot died after Coyote overturned it. However, Duot said that he would return to life again. They could not decide on what to do with the corpse, whether to bury it into the ground or to burn it. Eventually, the elders decided to burn it upon a pile that was purposely made for the occasion. In fear that Coyote would eat the body, they burnt the retreat. Coyote ran away and brought himself at the place of sacrifice where he declared he would die with his king. Suddenly Coyote leaped on the corpse, tore a part of Duot’s stomach and ate it. The remaining part of the body got burnt. Coyote’s name was the second captain and since that time was known as Eno symbolizing a cannibal and thief.

Another person appeared, and people wanted to know if it was Duot. However, the person claimed that he was a king bearing the name Chichi of great power whose habitation was above. Chichi symbolizes almighty or all powerful and the people of Ilgris believe that he is always present and everywhere and is able to see all things, but no one can see him. Duot’s children spoke to Chichi and told him they no longer wanted to eat the earth’s clay as they used to since it was the only available food. Rather, they wanted the flesh of animals and seeds of the fields. Therefore, Chichi endowed some of children with the powers to bring rain, influence the dew, and create ducks, ducks, rabbits, and deer. Each had his own occupation.

Chichi then formed man, a male and female from white clay found upon the lake borders these represent the people of Ilgris of the present day. When the people of Duot saw the people created by Chichi, they disappeared to a place where no one knew or knows. It is believed there are no Duot’s descendants in existence today. Additionally, Duot has never returned as he had promised. Chich is known by three distinct names: Satr, Ayen, and Alwel. Satr means Chich when he is unable to dance, is Ayen when is able to dance, and is Alwel when he dances dressed in feathered attire and a crown upon his head, while his face is painted in red and black. At one time while he was dancing, he was taken into heaven, where the stars are. However, before his departure, he commanded that all the people of Ilgris should use this mode of dress during their grand feasts. This is an observance that is highly upheld by the people of Ilgris up to date.

Some people, however, claim to be the descendants of individuals endowed with the great powers. They are, therefore, often consulted concerning harvests, and during times of sacrifices. Offending these people implies destroying all the productions of grain and flesh. Chichi told the people of Ilgris that whoever does not obey him or does not believe in his teachings, he or she will be reprimanded. Chichi will send serpents to sting, bears to bite, infirmities, misfortunes, and death. Chichi taught the people rules and laws to observe, as well as, ceremonies and rites. The people of Ilgris consider Chichi as God. They hold that he has no parents and do not know his origin. He reprimands the wicked, and he is a friend to the good.

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