A comparison of Positivism and Interpretivism, as well as Objectivism and Constructionism, as applied to the Hillsborough disaster

Write a report to either a disaster agency or a public body such as a City Council or government department with an analysis of the Hillsborough disaster and its management.

Prepare a report which compares two ontologies (Objectivism and Constructionism) and epistemologies (Positivism and Interpretivism) that might have been in place or which could be adopted.

The report should bring out the following:
1) a brief of the Hillsborough disaster and approach to management and response
2) elaboration of two ontologies that might be in place depending on management and response adopted
3) elaboration of two epistemologies
4) comparison of the ontologies and epistemologies and discussion of their application and actual or potential consequences

Out of the 20 references, please have a maximum of 5 references on the Hillsborough. This is because the report should be focused on the two ontologies and epistemologies instead of the disaster.

Please also feel free to include the following references:

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