A comparison of Obesity in the US and Singapore

Suggested format for papers

Title page: (I’ll do it by myself)

Table of contents: Include the major divisions and subdivisions of the paper with their page numbers

List of Tables: Give table numbers with their individual headings and page numbers. A table should be referenced, if it is not your own.

Abstract: Summarize important aspects of your paper in 150 words or less. This is an overview of the important aspects of your paper that can be used by readers to determine whether they are interested in reading the paper in its entirety.

Introduction: Summarize the problem or topic which is being investigated. Describe significant references that you used.

Contents: Organize materials and place, according to subject, in separate paragraphs. This is usually the largest section of the paper, where most of the material that you have gathered is presented.

Discussion and Conclusion: This section should be used to discuss and analyze discrepancies and different points of view that were presented in the Contents section. Outside references can be used to support your explanations. Conclusions can be drawn.

Summary: in a brief paragraph summarize the major topics, and discussion. Do not introduce new information in this section.

References: List only those you cited in the paper in the References Section. The reference section should include the author(s), date, title, name and volume if a periodical, publisher if a book, and page numbers. References should be arraged in alphabetical order by author.

When citing material within the paper itself, use the author and date only.

For example: Smith (1977) reports that global warming…..

Note: Papers should be approximately four pages in length, excluding the title page, table of contents, illustrations and references.

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