A case study to review theories and successful concepts for Cross Cultural Effectiveness……

I startet already with the thesis and the plan is to create a paper which works out the difficulties of the communication in a international working environment. Especially cultural differences and language barriers make it hard to faciliate deals or transactions in an international environment. I worked out drafts and already made a structure how to build the thesis. IMPORTANT please keep the structure as this is already discussed with the professor. Please also keep the topic. As you can see in the attached paper I market comments in the RED color for you. The drafts need to be modified and properly edited as those were just first thoughts and are not properly done at all, they are just first thoughts and need to be backed up with more theories and more references. The whole thesis needs to have at least minimum 80x references. I also added a PROPOSAL within the uploaded document to get a better inside off the topic. If there are any questions please feel free to ask as soon as possible.

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