1984 George Orwell &We Wish to Inform You Philip Gourevitch

Please address the following points in your essay.
In both “1984” and “We Regret to Inform you…” the past is a powerful, sometimes overwhelming presence dictating the future.
In a well-written essay, discuss the following topics. Make sure you address all of these specific questions, in addition to any other ideas that seem appropriate.

A. To what extent can one argue that history is a dangerous “weapon of mass destruction” in both books?
B. Explain how and why history is used and abused in both works. Who is abusing it and why? Make sure you give several specific examples, using quotations as appropriate, and explaining the reason you have chosen these examples. If the example is not worth explaining, it is probably not a good example!
C. How and why did outsiders use history in Rwanda as a justification for non-intervention? Evaluate the nature of this line of reasoning and give several examples of how it was applied.
D. To one extent can one argue that Rwanda was “1984” in real life? Give examples of similarities or differences between the two.
E. Evaluate some of the “twistory” factors we have discussed in class that appear in the books. How many can you identify that were at work in the readings?
F. Be sure you have adequate evidence—< quotations, with page number cited parenthetically—to back up your arguments.
G. An essay without a thesis statement of some sort, is probably not such a great essay!

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