1. Write a 2-3 page essay explaining the connections you see between the two articles and the legal protections and cases that serve as the foundation for special education services today.

After reading Lombardo and Stoskopf, please review chapter Consider your observations in the community, do you believe diverse learners are receiving adequate educational services and opportunities? Do you think disability discrimination still exists in society today? If so, you are welcome to share specific examples (without naming names of course). Conclude your essay with a statement about your own expectations for the diverse learners who will be in your classes as a teacher. This assignment is to be a 2 -3 page response following the guidelines below. It is expected that students will demonstrate a proficiency in written work. This includes spelling, punctuation, syntax, format, and presentation, along with the correct APA citations. Therefore, it is critical that you edit and proof read all writing to ensure that the paper has a clear sequence with complete sentences and correct word formation (subject-verb agreement, verb tense, apostrophes, etc.). Poorly written and/or carelessly proofread papers are sometimes returned ungraded until spelling, punctuation, or mechanical errors are corrected. Papers must be double spaced in 12 pt font with 1 margins. You must use American Psychological Association (APA, 6th Edition) rules. Your writing should be in People First Language. People First Language is used in professional fields to provide meaning and value to the student/person before the disability.

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