1. What the theory is about/what is says about international relations

Minor Essay This short essay of 1500 words makes up 30% of your overall grade. This task will require you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of one of the theoretical approaches covered in Lectures 2-6: liberal internationalism; classical realism; neorealism; neoliberalism; The English School; Marxism; or World Systems Analysis. You will need to demonstrate knowledge of the key assumptions of your chosen theory (so, how the theory sees human nature, cooperation and conflict in the international system, and how the international system functions). You should be able to identify the key theorists associated with that theory and what their big ideas are, before you move on to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the theory. Its fine to bring in empirical examples to illustrate your points. Ideally, structure the essay into three substantive sections, after your introduction and before your conclusion: 2. Select one or two key strengths 3. Select one or two key weaknesses

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