1. What ethical issues require attention when writing a qualitative study?

Writing a qualitative study Collapse 2. What are several broad writing strategies associated with crafting a qualitative study? 3. How would you describe the concept of reflexivity in your study? * The expectation is that you will discuss the ethics of writing and publishing. Discuss how your own bias, values, and experiences can be introduced into your research and how you can “position” yourself within the study. ——————————————————————————————————— Class, Discussions should prompt you in ways that enhance your understanding of a topic. Discussions are not only answering a question using the same words from the text, and responding to a peer. Discussions should lead to reflection, interpretation, analysis, problem-solving (when applicable) and critical thinking; they should lead to a learning experience. Feel free to share personal experiences if they are relevant to the discussion topic. This discussion forum should lead to a collaborative learning experience, this means you will discuss your answers with your peers to keep that collaboration moving forward.

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