1. What do college students, baboons, and British civil students have in common in regards to stress?

In class we watched the National Geographic documentary, Stress: Portrait of a Killer
(available on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYG0ZuTv5rs). After viewing the film please post a discussion post answering the following questions.-2. Can you identify some policies/organizations or other institutional structures that SJSU (San Jose State) (You will have to search online the services they offer, try this link http://www.sjsu.edu/students/health/index.html ) has in place to try to help students manage their stress? 3. How effectively do these institutions do this?4. Do you think SJSU (San Jose State) values stress reduction? Why or why not?5.. Lastly, What could YOU do as an individual to assist other students who may need support in dealing with stress?Provide examples from the film, the textbook, and campus.

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