1. What are the risks and benefits of enrolling impoverished, uneducated patients living in developing countries in clinical drug trials

Please use the attached document to answer the following questions: Drug Trials in Developing Countries (India) 8.7, pgs. 263-265,: ? What are the barriers to obtaining true informed consent from these patients, and what can be done to overcome these barriers? 2. What are the ethical implications of tying a researchers compensation to the number of subjects enrolled? Should this practice be permitted? 3. Are multinational pharmaceutical companies that benefit from cost-effective drug trials in developing countries obligated to improve the lives of people living in those countries? 4. Who should be held responsible for adverse events due to a drug trial conducted by a multinational company in a country where there is limited health insurance, no social security, and poor enforcement of regulations? What international or grassroots efforts might help ensure accountability for adverse events?

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