1. Was this a Distributive or Integrative negotiation?- was it the optimum approach and why or why not.

Midterm Case Analysis Assignment: maximum 2 page paper- 12 pt font, double
spaced. Please put your full name and course number on all pages. Do NOT use a cover
page. Citations can be placed on a third page. Papers not meeting all of these
requirements will be subject to a 10% reduction in their grade.
Sarah Talley and Frey Farms Produce: Negotiating with Wal-Mart (A)
In this assignment you will be referencing a case and answering the questions below
utilizing course concepts.
This exercise is not to review what Sarah and Wal-Mart did but rather to discuss the
negotiation based on your knowledge of negotiation best practices and to apply those
best practices to the Wal-Mart negotiation.
Your grade will be determined by your choice, application and explanation of the most
relevant and appropriate course concepts to each of the questions asked and the
specific examples you provide. Stating that Sarah should have more BATNAs is not
specific enough without identifying the actual BATNAs.
Please keep in mind that this is a negotiations class and not a management class. Your
responses should reflect an interpretation of this case as a negotiator and not as a
Please answer each question individually in a narrative form and number your answers.

2. Other than not doing the deal, list all the BATNAs Sarah had for this deal.
3. Do you believe Sarah did enough preparation and research for the negotiation?-Is
there any additional preparation she could have done that would have
substantially improved her outcome? If so, what?
4. How would you have done this negotiation differently? Please cite Negotiations
best practices that you would have utilized.
5. Given the outcome at the end of the case, is there anything Sarah can do to
salvage the relationship and/or possibly get back in the running for comanagement?

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