1. Explain the method you will use to prioritise the recovery management needs of your chosen community.

This is the 2nd part of the assigment. The first assigment has been added for help and reference. Also is the marking martix this once again most be followed to the letter and in great detail covering all areas. Also a table of contents is required at the begining of the assignment. With the layout of the work under headings and subheadings for the esse of the reader. My previous assigment was full of spelling and gramatical errors. Even tho i had requested and paid for it to be proof read by the editer. This was not done. Please can i have this work double checked so for this to not happen again thank you. This is an extract from my previous assigment from my marker for reference and guidence for the task in hand. You needed to reflect more around the context of the tasks. There was at times information that just didnt add a lot of value to the story, perhaps it could have if you built context into it. We just cant run off a myriad of facts and information without interpreting what and how it relates to the assignment discussion. I want you to try and be more judicious about the content and continually ask yourself, so what does that mean in the scheme of things? What am I trying to explain, or relate here Task Complete the analysis of your selected community’s recovery management by prioritizing the needs and identifying and describing the strategies required to address the needs. The following is a suggested layout for this assignment. Introduction Briefly introduce your selected community as established in Assignment Part A – Prioritisation of recovery management needs Clear and comprehensive identification and explanation of the prioritised recovery management needs of your selected community based upon the analysis of the community’s profile, its vulnerability and the interaction consequences of a major hazard(s). The vulnerability of your community includes its infrastructure, community services, essential services, utilities and so on. Part B Development of recovery management strategies In Part B you are to identify and detail the recovery management strategies required to address the needs. Identify and explain any existing strategies in place to manage the recovery needs of your community. Discuss responsibilities, as well as strengths and weaknesses relating to existing strategies. Rationale back to top This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to detail the recovery management needs be able to prioritise the recovery management needs be able to integrate contemporary community development concepts in their recommendations for enhancing community recovery capabilities Appreciating the potential recovery needs of a community following an emergency and being able to identify those needs in specific communities is an important aspect of effective emergency recovery management. This assignment is in two parts. Part A asks you to consider the prioritization of the recovery management needs for your chosen community, and Part B allows you to focus on constructing recovery management strategies to address the needs.

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