1. Compare and contrast New Right realist approaches and republican theory. How do these approaches view the role of the state in responding to crime?

Explanation Annotated Bibliography Australian English Task For this assessment you are required to produce an annotated bibliography that discusses 6 references which you will use for your major essay. Your annotated bibliography must include the following: The question you have chosen for you major essay (See assessment 4). Asessment 4 Questions In this essay you are required to answer one of the following questions: 2. Classical criminology of the 18th Century was premised on a free will model of human action which understood criminal offending as a rational choice. In contrast later positivist approaches understood offending to be determined. Using one positivist criminological approach (Biological, psychological, or sociological), compare and contrast these two schools of thought. Or 3. Describe how critical criminologists explain the crimes of the powerful and the crimes of the less-powerful? In what ways do these explanations offered by critical criminologists differ from earlier Radical theories and what factors influenced these changes? This should clearly state the question you have chosen for the major essay. An Introduction. You should provide a potential introduction that could form part of your major essay. This should take around 200 words. Abstracts. You should write a 100 word summary of each article/reference you have chosen. You should briefly discuss the key points of the article and how it will contribute to your major essay. Summary. Finally, you should provide a summing up of the key themes drawn from above and how they relate to your major essay. This should also be around 200 words. It is important to keep in mind that your mark is reliant on the quality of your chosen references, how well you describe them and how relevant they are to your chosen essay question. Use for your textbook White, R., Haines, F., & Asquith, N. L. (2017) Crime & Criminology (6th Ed). Melbourne Australia: Oxford University Press Topics Classical Theory, Biological and Psychological Positivism, Sociological Positivism – Strain Theory, Interactionism – Labelling Theory, Conflict Theories

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